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BMN platform 1.0 beta(FREE HOST)
BMN platform:MN Hosting, Market information and other services
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BMN Halving Plan
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Our products and services
Phase 1
Masternode Marketplace and Deployment Platform
Market monitoring MN Hosting

One-stop solution for creation and deployment of masternodes and monitoring services..

GO to Beta
Phase 2
Project Finance Management Package Services(FMS) System
One-stop service Secured Pre-sale

Identify, review and rate new and existing projects within the hosting platform. Full review of the project, custody and management of ICO fund, and time based security disbursement.

In Development
Phase 3
Third-party VPS rental system and BMN Mastenrode investment platform

Third party idle VPS users rent their VPS to BlueMN, which becomes our basic service node and gets BMN reward, and further extends the usage scenarios of BMN with the mode of sharing economy.

Planned (Roadmap)

The mission of BlueMN?

BlueMN host plans to provide our investors the one-stop solution for creation and hosting their own masternode with minimal technical knowledge. Our vision is to further help these investors to reduce their risk and manage a more secure and efficient portfolio in identifying all existing and new alternate coins in the crypto-currency space, by providing high-level and detailed reviews which will be available in the next phase of the project. Ultimately as a final product, it is our focus to enhance and develop a secured exchange over masternode where users will have the capability to host, review and trade on our platform.


BMN Masternode Revenue Sharing

Masternode layer allows our systems to be empower the eco-system of blockchain. We’re here to provide such service to allow our investors to create, manage and host their masternodes with little to no technical knowledge.

Review, ICO & Funds Management

High level project reviews and project management.To provide a safer environment for our investors as we manage new and existing project funds in our platform and ecosystem.

BMN Exchange Revenue Sharing

A service emphasizing on security and speed for our users to trade their alternate crypto-currencies. Blockchain is the future and vision aligns with user experience and expectations in providing a safer environment.

BMN Coin

Coin Name BlueMN(BMN)
Symbol BMN
MAX Supply 10.050.000 BMN(Include pre-mine)
Type POW+Masternode(50%+50%)
Algorithm Lyra2Z (ASIC Resistance)
Block Time 90s.
Block and Reward list 1 -> 4800: 6BMN(5POW+1DEV)
4801 -> 262800:11BMN(5POW+5MN+1DEV)
262801 -> end:6BMN(2.5POW+2.5MN+1DEV)
Halving 365 days
Masternode Collateral 1000 BMN
Pre-mine and Pre-sell 50000 BMN(0.04% Max Supply) / 15MN pre-sell
Financial Allocation Please Check BMN Transparency Report
BMN Info
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    BMN Masternode

BMN Transparency Report BTC and Pre-mine coins movement for full funds transparency

BMN Masternode and Exchange

Masternode is a BMN coin complete node and full synchronization wallet, which can keep the complete copy of the blockchain in real time and is always running, ensuring the robustness of the network, and also provides section providers with certain BMN rewards as the investment return.

POW + Masternode mechanism

For the BMN network to be more robust. We are based on the masterode network

More robust ROI returns

Users need to lock the 2000BMN coin in their wallet to receive more BMN rewards

Easy MN deployment process and monitoring services

Welcome to the BMN platform, which provides comprehensive deployment tutorial documentation and technical process guidance.

Wallet download

BMN offers Windows/Mac/Linux versions of the wallet and has plans to launch mobile App wallets in the future.

  • An easy-to-use graphical wallet
  • Flash transfer, instant transfer
  • Transactions are open and transparent
  • Support private anonymous transactions
Windows MACOS Linux Github

Roadmap & Timeline

Q3 2018 (Phase 1)

- Team formation, business plan development.

- Start development of BlueMN Host.

Q4 2018 (Phase 1)

- Development and Launch of MVP BlueMN HOST Platform (5 masternode coins support)

- BlueMN Coin Launch, pre-sale and build community awareness

- Listing on P2P Exchange 1 (

- Listing on Exchange 1 (Crypto-Bridge) & mcmn PAID

- Listing on Mining Pool 1 2 3

- Development BMN HOST Coin review Service

- Development BMN New Project Monitoring Service

- - BMN HOST Profit Sharing Plan and Implementation (Masternode HOST FEE 50% total profits)

Q1 2019

- Listing on Exchange 2 (Secret Exchange)

- Listing on Coinmarketcap & Masternode.Online

- Profit share activation for BlueMN (Pro members, Super Account holders)

- Portfolio, ICO & Project Management System Closed Alpha & Public Beta

- COIN HOST VOTE (2 coins per month based on community vote)[0%]

- BMN HOST Profit Sharing Plan and Implementation (Masternode HOST FEE 50% total profits)

Q2 2019

- Blue Market Closed Alpha (Exchange)

- ICO & Project Management System Revenue Share

- Expand roadmap beyond 2019 Q3 & Q4 ~ 2020

- Team expansion of core members

Q3 2019

- Blue Market revenue share.

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